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  • Ada Pearson

    Ada Pearson has been a reader, a writer and a bookstore owner for many decades. In her story “Turning Trash to Treasure,” children can find that new ideas for business can exist all around them, and Ada weaves important lessons about conservation into the plot. Ada lives in Upper Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, and loves walking on beaches and looking for sea glass.

  • Alice Grainger

    Alice Grainger brings an international flavor to her stories having lived on three different continents and worked with ESL students from around the world. Her story “Not All Londoners Wear Hats” weaves important lessons about culture and the dangers of stereotyping into an interesting and funny story. She currently lives in Gloucester, England.

  • Beryl Young

    Beryl Young has published several books for children, both fiction and non-fiction. Her stories are drawn from children facing personal difficulties and are told in a touching and endearing way, as in “The Game,” a story about a young girl diagnosed with leukemia. Beryl lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and enjoys visiting and spending time with her grandchildren.

  • Billie Huban

    Billie Huban has written several stories for children and each of them brings a unique insight into common situations. For example, “When the World Forgot the Colors” shows the importance of seeking help by letting students imagine how things could be if they didn’t ask for help when they most needed it. With a Master’s in Education and over twenty years’ experience as an ESL teacher, writing stories for children feels natural. Billie comes from London, England.

  • Claire Kamber

    Claire Kamber has written stories specifically targeted at English language learners. Her experience as a qualified TESOL instructor, coupled with her insight into children’s education, make her stories powerful vehicles for learning. Claire spent seven years in Brisbane, Australia, from where she draws the inspiration for her story “Same Day Sunday.” She currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

  • Crystal Stranaghan

    Crystal Stranaghan is an author of several books for young readers including "Andy's Big Discovery," an exciting sci-fi story set in a back garden! She loves to create new ways to tell stories and runs workshops for children's writers where she gets to help ideas get turned into books. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Cynthia Kennedy Henzel

    Cynthia Kennedy Henzel has written for GLOBE, an international K-12 children’s program, and trained teachers internationally for eight years. She loves writing stories for children and her style and voice make her stories fun to read and filled with intrigue. Cynthia has a keen eye for detail and her adaptation of Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” is superbly accessible for ESL learners. Cynthia lives in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Heather Wright

    Heather Wright is a former English teacher currently teaching business communication skills at Conestoga College. She is a freelance writer and the author of Writing Fiction: A Hands-On Guide for Teens. She has written seven short stories published in Kayak: Canada’s History Magazine for Kids. Heather has also written longer stories including “Sherlock Holmes and the Orphanage Mystery,” which is filled with mystery and intrigue. She lives in Kitchener, Ontario.

  • Jan L. Coates

    Jan L. Coates has been writing for children since 2000 and since then she has written over twenty stories for children. She has twice been shortlisted in the Atlantic Writers’ Competition. Her novel “A Hair in the Elephant’s Trunk” was finalist for the 2011 Governor General Award. Jan has written several popular stories for JLS including “The Cheesy Man Giant” and “Five Children and IT.” She lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

  • Jared Hunt

    Jared Hunt’s passion is storytelling in all its forms. He has been a creative writing mentor for the Creative Writing for Children Society, and has run teaching workshops on writing, publishing, editing and website building through SCBWI West and at various community colleges. His story “Elias and the Dragon” is an action-packed adventure that is sure to keep students turning the pages. Jared lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Jean Brown

    Jean Brown teaches creative writing for teens and adults in between writing stories. She loves riding her bicycle around Stanley Park in the sunshine (when there is some) and enjoys living near the ocean. Her story “The Striker,” about an all-girls’ soccer team, provides important lessons on teamwork and honesty. Jean lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Jean Mills

    Jean Mills is an experienced children’s writer and the winner of the 2009 Barbara Novak Award for Humor/Personal Writing from the Professional Writers Association of Canada. Her stories “Joey and the Firehall Ghost” and “Andrew and the Babysitter” are sure to spook readers with their ghostly themes. Jean lives in Guelph, Ontario.

  • Jenny Moore

    Jenny grew up on a small ranch in Eastern Oregon, and decided to be a writer when she was eight. Her first story was published fifteen years later. When not writing, she works as an aide at an elementary school. Her work has appeared in such magazines as Cricket, Spacesports & Spidersilk, and Teach Kids. Her adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” showcases Jenny’s excellent writing skills. She lives in Joseph, Oregon.

  • Katherine Leigh

    Katherine Leigh is a highly talented and creative children’s storyteller. Her experience as an ESL teacher along with her creative imagination provide the perfect combination for writing highly interesting and thought-provoking children’s stories that can be used in the classroom. Her stories “Brainstormer” and “Super Earo” draw on important aspects of children’s learning. Katherine hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Katherine Rawson

    Katherine Rawson has a freelance writing business and writes for the education market and ESL students. She has a Master of Arts in Teaching with a specialty in ESL and bilingual education, and over 20 years of teaching experience, working with students of all ages. Her story “Sweet Bear Family” has a clear plot line and simple language that makes it ideal as an early reader. She lives in Heartland Four Corners, Vermont.

  • Lily Erlic

    Lily Erlic has had four successful action rhyme books for children published. She has written biographies of famous people like Louis Sachar and Lois Lowry. Her book, Grasslands (biome series) won the Teacher's Choice Award. Her simple and clear written style lends itself well to early readers. Her early readers "The Three Little Mice" and "Blue Bear Makes Blueberry Pie" are fine examples. Lily is a member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators) and lives in the beautiful city of Victoria, British Columbia.

  • Linda Rae Apolzon

    Linda Rae Apolzon has been writing stories and poems ever since she can remember. Her writing has appeared in various magazines, and she has published two Golden Books: “Max Helps Out,” “I’ll Share With You,” and a novel titled “Stray cat.” Linda has a unique voice that captures the reader’s creative imagination as in “The Day David Wasn’t There” – a story that leaves readers guessing all the way through. She lives in Chicago, Illinois.

  • Lynn Mingo

    Lynn Mingo has been a fan of children's books since 1965 when she got her first library card. Her vivid imagination has led her to create fantastic tales such as “If Dogs Could Talk...” She enjoys playing badminton and spending time with Charlie, her golden retriever. Lynn lives in Truro, Nova Scotia.

  • Melanie Jackson

    Melanie Jackson wrote her first mystery story at age seven and hasn’t stopped since. Her stories are packed with fun and mystery as in “Comet Boy.” A former journalist, Melanie volunteers as a creative writing mentor for the Vancouver School Board. Born in Scotland, raised in Toronto, Melanie lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, where many of her stories are set.

  • Oliver Neubert

    Oliver Neubert has been writing for children for over ten years. His highly successful fantasy trilogy was published by Simply Red Books and he has another trilogy in the works. His story “Julie’s Big Mistake” provides important lessons about cheating. Oliver lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with his wife and daughter.

  • Travis Baker

    Travis Baker is an experienced ESL teacher with a creative imagination and a joy for telling stories. He has written several books including the whacky “No Eggs Maria” and the action-packed “Mr. Mistako.” Travis is from Seattle, Washington, but spends most of his time in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Vicki Cameron

    Vicki Cameron has a wonderful way of telling stories to young children. Her stories "Messy Bessy" and "Mary and Her Bucket" are easy to read and packed with humor and fun as well as learning. Her children's work includes the novel "Shillings", and the short story collections "Clue Mysteries" and "More Clue Mysteries", based on the board game Clue. Her young adult novel, "That Kind of Money", was nominated for an Edgar and an Arthur Ellis. Vicki lives in Oxford Station, Ontario.

  • Will Jamieson

    Will Jamieson has extended experience as an ESL teacher and he has written and produced ESL curricula for young learners. His knowledge of ESL students has helped him tap into his vast creative resources to produce wonderful children’s storybooks including “The Wishing Well” and “Saving Jerry.” He is also a professional pilot instructor and lives in Surrey, British Columbia, with his wife and son.

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